About us

Mofema’s leading project is the PregnaLIFE24 telemedicine system for fetal well-being monitoring.

Mofema is a technology company founded in 2013 focusing on the development of advanced systems analyzing bioelectric signals from the human body.

The Company’s portfolio includes several projects at different stages of development. The most advanced project is the PregnaLIFE24 System used to monitor risk factors for fetal well-being. In addition, the portfolio also includes: a system for ECG examination of the fetus, which is at the stage of proof of concept, and a system for monitoring gastrointestinal tract disorders (THOR Life), which at an early stage of development.

he commercialization strategy is based on regulatory processes and certification of products as medical devices in the EU and the US. The Company has the Quality Management System (QMS) certificate according to PN-EN ISO13485, that shows that the Company uses a management system in accordance with the above standard.

The slogan under which the company will implement the PregnaLIFE24 product on the market is: Care for the baby before birth.

Mofema’s team consists of managers with extensive experience in conducting R&D activities, regulatory experts, engineers and IT specialists with experience in artificial intelligence and creating expert algorithms, and practicing clinicians specializing in obstetrics and gynecology.

The company has unique know-how in the field of creating algorithms interpreting bioelectric signals, which offers the potential to create further innovative clinical support systems.

Customers and target groups


serving different medical facilities, for which expanding their offerings with new telemedicine services guarantees increased revenues.


overseeing physiological and pathological pregnancies, for which the use of new diagnostic methods is an increase in the standard of care.


providing women’s health services, looking to increase their competitive edge through the use of new innovative diagnostic methods.


trying to meet the increasing demands of patients and wanting to increase the number of patients and raise the standards of care for pregnant women.


cooperating with midwives who, by offering monitoring of risk factors and fetal discomfort, will increase the attractiveness of their offerings and the comfort and safety of their clients.


pregnant women wishing to increase their sense of security.